Buy Yourself Flowers – You Deserve It!

Flowers should not be reserved just for holidays and special occasions, but to celebrate life and ourselves! So why not regularly gift yourself a beautiful bouquet of flowers?

Before you brush off the idea, skim through this list of reasons why you deserve flowers and try to think of the last time you did something special for yourself to lift your spirits.

1) You work hard
It took hard work and dedication to get where you are today. Whether it was long nights at the office, staying up with a newborn child, or saving money to buy a new house, be proud of your current situation & how you got there.

2) You have conquered challenges
Life always comes with twists, turns and trials that are usually unexpected. You have not only survived but have conquered every challenge that has come your way. This type of perseverance deserves special recognition.

3) You need to celebrate yourself
In the busyness of life we often forget to stop and think about all of the wonderful things we have accomplished. You deserve to celebrate yourself for the many things you have achieved in your family, career, and life.

4) Give yourself motivation for the days to come
Prepare for the difficult weeks in life by giving yourself some inspiration. Every time you look at your beautiful bouquet of flowers, your motivation to tackle the day will increase.

5) You deserve to be happy
You don’t need someone else to raise your self-esteem or lift your spirits. You just need to realize that you are special and deserve to feel happy. Buying yourself flowers is the perfect way to practice self-love.

Don’t wait until your birthday or a holiday to splurge on yourself, there are so many reasons why you deserve to send yourself flowers today

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