Flowers by Subscription

Have beautiful, sustainably grown flowers delivered on a regular basis ensuring your home is always kept fresh.

Choose from a weekly, fortnightly or monthly subscription from just €22 per bouquet box.

All our bouquets are hand picked to order from our flower field so freshness and seasonality is guaranteed.

Flowers are a big deal… but, of course, you already knew that!

What surprises our team again and again, is how little is really known about this sweet luxury we all love to enjoy.

So, we’ve taken some time to dive deeper into the importance of flowers and the roles they play in your life. Our hope is to educate and inspire you to enjoy life more fully with flowers, with knowledge on how our company helps bridge the gap between the hard to reach flower farms and clients, like you!

Flowers are a subtle marker of life most significant moment. From the birth of children and graduation celebrations, to wedding days and final goodbyes, flowers have been (and remain to be) culturally relevant in many, many ways.

They’re simple yet impactful, with the potential to bring joy into the lives of many. Flowers have inspired art, poetry and music for decades.

It’s no wonder, then, that flowers play such a continuing role in our vibrant culture.

At Bouquet Box we believe flowers make every moment special. They can brighten up rooms and bring smiles to people’s faces: young and old, women and men, friends and family.

We are the first subscription florist in Ireland and believe we’ve found the perfect way to share our love of flowers with others. Through our subscription flower service , we give people the experience of constantly enjoying a life surrounded by flowers.

We’re on a mission to spread the amazing gift of flowers nationwide, to bring the luxury of enjoying flowers to everyone!

Bringing joy to everyday lives through flowers is made possible only by providing the highest quality flowers, at the best prices, to everyone and every home.

At Bouquet Box we focus on key areas which have greatly impacted the way we do business:

Best Prices & Free delivery

We provide the best value for fresh flower arrangements. Plus, there are no hidden extra delivery charges.

Quality & Freshness

Our clients enjoy an extra week of freshness in their flowers with deliveries from our partner farms directly to their doorstep, just 4 days after cutting!

So, there you have it. Our commitment to bringing fresh subscription flowers to more homes starts with our obsession with great flowers and is seen in our determination to give excellent service and the best value to you.

Flowers are a simple luxury that we can all embrace, and our team is honored to be making the industry accessible to everyone.

We hope you’ll enjoy flowers with us soon! Why not sign up here