How Flowers make you happy

There’s no doubt about it. Flowers make you happy, research has proven that.

Studies have been conducted to prove the effects of flowers on a person’s emotional and behavioural state, and they were able to show just how beneficial to a person’s emotions and feelings flowers are. In fact, flowers are linked to immediate happiness of a person, and even to a person’s mood overall, which relates to a person’s overall satisfaction with life. That’s why flowers are linked to alleviation of stress, lifting of a person’s current spirit, and easing away depression symptoms and anxiety.

The way in which flowers are able to do this is that it gives you a connection to nature, to something beyond your normal, fast-paced environment. Colours also make you happier through chromotherapy, which uses the powers of colours to stimulate your emotions. Now, we know the reason why flowers are considered as great gifts for any occasion.

Flowers can also make you happy by bringing you closer on an emotional level to people around you. By smoothing out your agitation and apprehension, you feel lighter, more cheerful, and more inclined to connect with other people. Flowers help you connect in relationships by improving the feelings and communication levels among people thus making a greater contribution to a person’s life.

Have you ever wondered why flowers are used in social environments? There’s more to flower décor than acting as mere eye candy. Flowers enhance an event by creating a warm, welcoming ambience among the event participants.

Flowers make you happy with their natural visual healing properties both physiologically and emotionally. In fact, Bach Flower Remedies lists 38 different remedies, some of which affect emotions and concerns directly related to a person’s overall happiness and satisfaction towards life. Flowers are seen to ease inner troubles, improve a person’s ability to trust, uplift a person’s confidence and self-esteem, alleviating hopelessness and despair, and regulating emotions such as envy, fear, guilt, and jealousy, among many others. There are also certain flowers connected with nurturing, romance, and tranquillity.

Adding some flowers to your home and office has more effects than just decorative. Think of them as fragrant, visual therapy. Interested in getting fresh flowers delivered to your home every week? Then you can sign up here