How to make your Bouquet Box Subscription Flowers last longer….

It’s always so nice to receive a fresh subscription flower bouquet to brighten up your home or work space.  Luckily, there are some really effective things you can do to make a significant difference and make your cut flowers last longer than they usually do.

Feed the Flowers!

You know that little packet of powder that comes with your flowers from Bouquet Box? Use it! It really does help to give your flowers a nice boost. You can also use a little white sugar instead! About a tablespoon per quart of water should be the right amount. Also, if you have it in the house, a mixture of about 1/3 lemon-lime soda to 2/3 water provides flowers with the perfect amounts of acid and sugar to keep them happy. So there are lots of options to feed your flowers!

Keep it Cool

Try to keep your flowers as cool as possible in every way. We are not saying you have to keep them in the fridge at all times, but within reason you want to keep your flowers as cool as possible. Use cold water in your vases, keep them away from windows, and don’t place them on any surfaces that get sunlight directly on them.

Remove Underwater Leaves

Leaves in your vase water can turn the water murky and start the process of decay a little more quickly so remove any leaves that will be underwater once your flowers are in their vase. The exception to this rule is with long leaves, like those on a tulip. If the leaf will be partially underwater, but a large part of the top portion of the leaf will be out of the water, then leave them on without any issues. You want to remove as few leaves as possible while still keeping the leaves out of the water so you’re not tearing into the flower any more than you have to.

Cut on the Diagonal and Re-Cut Daily

When it comes to cutting your flower stems down to be the right size for your vase, cut them diagonally to allow as much surface area for absorbing water as possible. Re-cut daily to keep the stems drinking!

Change the Water Daily

When you make your cuts each day (or every second day should be fine too), make sure you give your flowers fresh food and water! This helps if there are any hints of murky-ness forming and allows any bacteria that may cause your flowers to decay prematurely to be washed away.

A Penny

One penny placed in the bottom of a vase is said to keep flowers fresh. Why does it work? The copper in the penny is thought to inhibit bacteria growth. This trick works in a pinch and is super simple — assuming you have a penny laying around.

We hope these tips allow you to enjoy your Bouquet Box Subscription Bouquet for longer.

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