Reasons to send Flowers Today

From our experience here at Bouquet Box, we know that people LOVE receiving flowers. And we have found that people equally LOVE giving flowers. And as humans, we do give the gift of flowers—a lot.  Why do we give flowers so much? We have found there are various different reasons for giving  flowers including:

  • To show love. Giving someone a gift of flowers expresses how much we care about them, in a way that goes beyond just words.
  • To show gratitude. Flowers are often used to say “thank you” to people who have helped us out in some way.

Giving Flowers brings Happiness

Here’s some news that should add some additional cheer: giving flowers to others can help make you happier.

Surveys have shown that, all else being equal, people who give more are happier. The link between giving and happiness seems to hold true for everyone. A massive study involving more than 230,000 people around the world found that people everywhere were happier when they gave more, regardless of culture or income differences.

The Chemistry of Giving

So how does the act of giving a gift of flowers manage to make us healthier and happier? It has a lot to do with chemistry—and your brain.

Stress hormones, which can make you tense and unhappy, tend to decrease when you give a gift of flowers. At the same time, the act of giving releases endorphins and dopamine within your brain. These natural chemicals are part of the body’s reward system, and are designed specifically to make you feel good.

That “warm glow” that you feel when giving a gift of flowers is a result of such changes to your brain chemistry. It is roughly the same effect that happens whenever you receive a gift yourself, and brain scans have shown that the pleasure received from giving something away is just as strong as when you receive that gift yourself.

Reasons to send Flowers

Sending someone a bouquet of fragrant flowers can change someone’s  day in an instant. How amazing is that? Such a simple gesture can change and elevate someone’s whole day.

So why do we only wait for special occasions to send someone flowers? When was the last time you sent someone flowers?  If you’re struggling for excuses – here’s some fantastic reasons to send flowers to someone today.

  • Because someone told you they were having a crappy day/week/month

Flowers are bright, beautiful and they smell amazing. They make us happy every time we see them and when you wake of a morning and the first thing you smell is fresh flowers it sets you up for a brilliant day.

  • Because you want to give a gift with a difference

Do you want to send a gift of flowers with the WOW factor? Why not give that special someone a gift with a difference. A  fresh flower bouquet subscription will allow you to send flowers to your loved one, every month / fortnight / week (for as many months as you want), surprising them with different FRESH flowers every time!

  • Because random acts of kindness are amazing.

We’ve all heard of random acts of kindness, where we do something selfless for someone else. It can be as simple as smiling at someone, or buying the next person in line behind you coffee – but it can also be something kind for someone you know. Pick a friend out of your contacts list on your phone and send them a bunch of flowers. Imagine how amazing they will feel.

  • Because you want to brighten your home up.

By sending yourself flowers. That’s right, send them to yourself. Give me one good reason why you shouldn’t… exactly! You can’t! For all the benefits above, for brightening your day, for lifting your mood, for showing yourself that you actually care about your own happiness – send yourself some flowers on a regular basis and get a double wham of happiness!

  • Because you’ll earn some massive brownie points.

Not that this should be your only reason… but we all know it’s true. Just remember it might not help when the conversation goes something like this… ‘Remember that time I bought you flowers… yeah, well I just reversed into your car.’ Now that’s a whole lot of flowers you’re going to need! But another great reason to sign up for your Bouquet Box Flower subscription  :)

Flowers are an incredible gift to give, they can say so much and mean so much to different people. So make today the day that you send someone a bunch of beautiful blooms by signing up here today