The best monthly flower subscription in Ireland

One of the easiest ways to brighten up any room is with a beautiful bouquet of flowers – so why not get one delivered to your door each month?

Bouquet Box Flower subscription is the easiest way to add gorgeous florals to your home. At Bouquet Box, we believe that fresh flowers are good for the soul. A monthly flower delivery will lift your spirits and your home. It’s less hassle than redecorating and more fun than therapy. We even choose the flowers for you!

Each week we choose fantastic quality flowers that look great and last ages. We love unusual combinations of beautiful flowers and foliage. Each arrangement is designed to look cracking in a home setting. We do the hard work of choosing the arrangement, all you have to do is open the box and pop your flowers in some water.

You don’t have to be in when we deliver your cut flowers. Just tell us where to leave your box and go about your day. We deliver flowers all over Ireland. We don’t do flowers by post but we’ll leave your hand delivered flowers in a safe place.

When you sign up to our online flower subscription, there’s no delivery fee. Each BouquetBox starts from just €28 a pop. You’re not tied into a flower subscription for a set amount of deliveries. Just let us know if you need to skip an order or add a holiday to your account.

So why not gift yourself with a monthly flower subscription and bring fragrance and colour to your life every month? Signing up for a  flower subscription delivery is the easiest way to add a touch of luxury to your life each month.

Or why not shower someone you love with  monthly flowers for as long as you would like. This simple gift is one that literally keeps on giving and is a constant and repeated reminder to the recipient of your generosity and kindness.

So why not sign up today?