The Power of Flowers: Studies Link Flowers With Emotional Health

Here at Bouquet Box, we love to work in an industry in which the products and services we provide bring happiness to others.

We see first hand the smiles on recipients’ faces when we deliver a Bouquet Box subscription flower bouquet or receive feedback from our happy clients.  Now we have studies to support what we gave known all along…..

Rutgers University recently conducted a 10-month behavioural study that explored the link between flowers and life satisfaction. Their findings show that flowers are a natural moderator of moods and have strong positive effects on emotional health.

According to the Rutgers researchers, the presence of flowers provides the following benefits:

  • Flowers have immediate impact on happiness. All study participants, in every age group, expressed excitement when receiving flowers. Reactions included surprise, genuine happiness and gratitude.
  • Flowers have a long-term positive effect on moods.  Study participants reported feeling less depressed, anxious, and agitated after receiving flowers. They also demonstrated greater sense of life satisfaction.
  • Flowers create intimate connections. Giving and receiving flowers creates positive contact between family and friends.

In the Rutgers’ study, the subjects received deliveries of flowers and other gifts, such as fruit and candles. While most deliveries received a positive response, the highest response rate occurred to flowers. Their studies showed that the positive feelings lasted two to three days.

One experiment involved measuring reactions of both men and women receiving a flower in a public elevator. The most common social behaviour in an elevator is to get as much distance from the other occupants as possible. However, when the experimenter offered a single flower to each of the occupants, their demeanour changed. They moved closer to the presenter and to one another. The experiment was repeated using promotional pens as stimuli, but the pens did not receive the same response. It may be concluded that there is something about receiving flowers that draws people closer together.

Colour Characteristics

In addition, colour plays a big part in the emotion conveyed when sending flowers. Our response to colour is intensely emotional, and flowers can be a catalyst for feelings that stimulate more than just our senses of sight and smell.

Tradition dictates that certain flowers and colours are associated with specific occasions. However, in terms of emotional health, colour choices take on different meanings.

Red, traditionally associated with love and romance, has a positive effect on the immune system. Consider sending red flowers to someone who has recently had surgery, or experienced and illness. Red is also an energizing colour for those who suffer from fatigue or exhaustion.

Violet has a calming effect on the mind and nerves. It is uplifting, and encourages creativity.

Yellow, psychologically, is the happiest colour in the spectrum. It symbolizes the sun, and invokes happy and radiant feelings. It is a friendly colour that encourages communication. Yellow also stimulates the memory and the nervous system.

Orange conveys optimism and encourages socialization. It is also associated with determination and success.

Blue is most often named as a favourite colour. Just as the blue sky and the blue ocean are considered constants in our world, blue is perceived as dependable and trustworthy. Blue invokes feelings that are calm, cool and sedate.

As the most common colour present in the natural world, green creates a feeling of tranquillity. It conveys a sense of freshness and renewal. Green also signifies prosperity and progress.

Pink is associated with joy. Brighter pinks, similar to reds, stimulate energy, increasing the blood pressure, heartbeat and respiration. Softer pink hues convey a sense of sweetness and romance.

White symbolizes openness. White blooms are most often associated with purity, honesty and perfection.

The Benefits of Sending Flowers

Immediate Happiness

Flowers portray an immediate sense of happiness. Almost every recipient of flowers instantly has a smile across his or her face, demonstrating true delight and gratitude. This is especially true if you send flowers to the place where someone works because then your message is public letting not only the recipient, but the entire world, know that you care. This in and of itself speaks volumes to the recipient and can make him or her feel special.

Long-Term Positivity

Flowers brighten up a space and can make people feel less lonely and depressed. They can have a long-term positive effect on people’s moods. According to a behavioural study conducted by the State University of New Jersey and headed by Jeannette Haviland-Jones, Ph.D., Professor of Psychology Research Findings, study participants reported feeling less anxious, agitated and depressed after receiving flowers and demonstrated a higher sense of enjoyment and satisfaction with life.

Intimate Connections

Sending flower arrangements is also a great way to establish intimate connections and meaningful relationships. There is something touching about receiving flowers. It shows that someone took the time to think of you and send a bit of beauty and colour your way.

Do you know someone who could use a lift today? Or maybe you could use an emotional boost yourself.  Sign Up today to a Bouquet Box flower subscription and draw upon the power of flowers to improve your emotional health, or that of someone you love.