What Does Your Favourite Flower Say About You?

Here at Bouquet Box, we find that the majority of our subscription flower clients are true lovers of nature and fragrant flowers and blooms.

Have you ever wondered why your favourite flower is your favourite flower? Why you prefer roses to peonies? What many people don’t realise is that we tend to favour the one flower that best complements our personality. Different flowers symbolise different traits, meanings and emotions, and many theorise that a person’s flower preference indicates that they are most like the associated attributes of that flower. For example, if your favourite flower is the carnation then you will have a noticeably different personality than to someone whose favourite flower is the orchid.

Many of us will never have stopped to consider what our favourite flower says about our personality and relationships with others. Read our guide below to find out what your favourite flower says about you!

Is Your Favourite Flower The Rose?

  • You’re romantic and passionate and your relationships are deep and meaningful
  • You like to bring out the best in others
  • You value tradition and are a little old-fashioned
  • You strive for perfection and seek perfection in your life
  • You’re a girly girl and ultra-feminine

Is your Favourite Flower The Daisy?

  • You’re adventurous and a nature lover and enjoy outside activities
  • You’re cheerful and optimistic – your glass is never half empty
  • You love to make others laugh and spread your cheer
  • You cherish your friendships and are a loyal companion
  • You’re the life of the party and everyone wants you at theirs

Is your Favourite Flower The Carnation?

  • You’re genuine and down-to-earth
  • Your friends trust you with their secrets and you are loyal and well-respected
  • You have a unique sense of style
  • You have a reserved nature
  • People seek your guidance and advice as you’re practical and realistic
  • You’re content with the simple things in life and fear big changes

Is your Favourite Flower The Tulip?

  • You’re sweet, sensitive, thoughtful and charitable
  • You cherish your family and friends
  • You give your best to whatever you do
  • You seek change and adapt well to it
  • You’re passionate about traveling
  • You connect easily with people
  • You’re cheerful and always give sound advice

Is your Favourite Flower The Orchid?

  • You’re classy and sophisticated
  • You’re mysterious
  • You have a small circle of close friends
  • You speak your mind and value honesty
  • You are exotic and worldly
  • Looks are everything and appearances matter to you

Is your Favourite Flower The Violet?

  • You’re reserved but witt
  • Nobody knows the real you except for your close friends
  • You have a subtle approach to everything and appreciate simplicity
  • You’re a private person
  • You’re a loyal and true friend

Is your Favourite Flower The Gardenia?

  • You’re sweet and innocent
  • You have a unique sense of style
  • You love to explore and experiment
  • You’re mysterious
  • You’re a true romantic
  • You love travelling to exotic destinations

Is your Favourite Flower Baby’s Breath?

  • You’re a child at heart and an innocent person
  • You believe in fairy tales and everlasting love
  • You’re a true romantic
  • You’re a cheerful, happy and positive person

Is your Favourite Flower Lilies?

  • You’re compassionate, kind and dignified
  • You love to help and care for others
  • You have an impeccable sense of style
  • You’re friendly and playful
  • You are a motherly figure
  • You take pride in your life, achievements and relationships
  • You are well-respected

Is your Favourite Flower Sunflowers?

  • You’re always happy and cheerful and are warm and approachable
  • Your presence can light up the room
  • You’re an optimist
  • You have a bubbly and energetic personality
  • You make friends easily

Is your Favourite Flower Peonies?

  • You’re sweet and caring with a heart of gold
  • You love surprising people
  • You’re a great listener
  • You are an elegant dresser
  • You believe in true love

So many of us just love flowers! We admire their varied colours and shapes, enjoy the way they smell, and  give them to those we love.

Flowers are an easy way to put a smile on someone’s face — but there’s actually a scientific reason they make us feel so good: Studies have shown their presence elicits joyful feelings. “Science shows that not only do flowers make us happier, they have strong positive effects on our emotional well-being,” says Jeannette Haviland-Jones, a professor of psychology at Rutgers University who has studied the impact of blooms.

Flowers can also improve your physical health. Researchers have found that flowers at home change people’s environment and create a more positive attitude toward life.

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