Why should you choose seasonal flowers from Bouquet Box?

When seeking to send the perfect bouquet of  flowers, you are bound to come across many options. Many florists will promote certain blooms such as the classic traditional flowers such as roses, lilies and so on.

At Bouquet Box we advocate and are dedicated to selecting  seasonal flowers for our bouquet arrangements.

So why choose seasonal flowers?

The first main benefit for ordering seasonal blooms is the price. Seasonal flower bouquets are significantly cheaper than many other options that include or are comprised solely of flowers that are not in season. The easiest way of explaining the price differences is by comparing flowers to food. Think about your local supermarket and how the price of something like tomatoes varies depending on the time of year. When they are in season, they are cultivated locally but, when they are not in season, they are either grown in greenhouses or they have to be imported. Both of these options up the price of the produce. The same goes for flowers. The more they cost to grow, the more they cost florists and the higher the price for the consumer.

Another great advantage of choosing seasonal blooms is their availability. Again, like food, when in season, you can find them everywhere! When they are not in season, these flowers are a bit more difficult to source.

It’s also good to remember that different flowers bloom in different seasons for a reason. Flowers that bloom in summer are not as tolerant of cold conditions and vice versa. So, when you order flowers that are not in season, you will be exposing them to weather conditions that could cause them to perish prematurely. Of course, even if you do buy seasonal blooms, it’s still important to make sure that they are not exposed to excessive heat, cold, wind, or direct sunlight.

Seasonal Flowers are fresher

Fresh flowers both look and smell amazing and whilst you can get most flowers at any time of year, the ones grown in that season may seem fresher. A flower that should be grown in the summer won’t naturally be able to grow outside in the winter and with that, it may have to be grown using artificial light and growing enhancers. Although it might look like the same flower, it isn’t. It won’t be as fresh and due to the chemicals used, it may be harmful to the environment. Some plants that are flowered in the wrong season also might not last as long as their natural counterparts.

So, with all of these benefits in mind, it’s easy to see why seasonal flowers are becoming increasingly popular.

Bouquet Box is one of Ireland’s leading seasonal flower subscription providers.

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