Why we LOVE flowers so much…

All throughout history in poems, historical texts, paintings, and even mythology we see flowers being admired by humans…

Why have we always been infatuated with beautiful blooms? Keep reading for some theories and reasons that try to explain why people love flowers so much!

  • Flowers can lift our spirits
    Here at Bouquet Box we know from experience when a person receives flowers their face instantly brightens with joy! Apart from working with beautiful and fragrant flowers on a daily basis, seeing the joy our bouquets bring to people is the best part of our jobs! We have seen it time and time again & many studies have proven that flowers can improve your overall mood and lift your spirit. Waking up to a gorgeous arrangement of seasonal blooms on your night stand will start your day off right. Sending flowers to someone when they are going through a tough time is so popular for this very reason.
  • Flowers bring true beauty into our worlds
    Our world is consumed with achieving beauty. Some believe that humans are so attracted to flowers because we long for perfection. With their varied bright colours and delicate look, flowers are a true source of natural beauty.  With a Bouquet Box flower subscription, it is easy to bring beauty into your life with individual fresh floral designs arriving to your door.
  • Fragrance
    The delightful scent of flowers is undeniable. Some flowering plants use their smell to attract insects or birds to fertilise their flowers. Today, humans use cologne or perfume to attract a date. Humans have gone to great lengths to harness this scent. Even the Egyptians used perfume with scented oil from flowers in their cultural ceremonies. We respond to positive scents in positive ways which is one theory as to why flowers are so popular.
  • Explain our emotions
  • Sometimes it seems impossible to find the right words to express your feelings. In the 17th century using flowers as gifts spiked. Men would give women beautiful flowers to express their feelings of admiration and love. For years flowers have been used as a way to send unspoken messages. This secret language is intriguing and leads us to love receiving flowers. Without words, receiving flowers communicates so much.

  • Regardless of the many reasons, what is clear is all through the ages, us humans just love giving and receiving flowers. In every culture, in every country, and in every generation, we have always done so, as far back as scientists can trace.

    Do you have flowers on the mind now? Whether you’re looking to brighten someone’s day or just your own, sign up for Bouquet Box Flower Subscription today