BouquetBox Affiliate Program

Please find outlined below a copy of the guidance and stipulations for the BouquetBox Affiliate Program.

The basics of how the program works is that everytime somebody uses your discount code to sign up to an ongoing flower subscription with BouquetBox we will pay you per signup. All payments will be made by direct bank transfer from our bank on a Thursday afternoon for all sign ups during the 7 days prior. With agreeing to become part of the BouquetBox affiliate program we also need you to understand that this does not make you an employee of BouquetBox and as such as a subcontractor any tax burden to the revenue commissioners will remain your sole responsibility. 

When speaking about or promoting us we want you to fully understand how BouquetBox works. We are a subscription florist, so what this means is when people sign up to our service they are signing up to receive a bouquet from us indefinitely either every week, fortnight or every four weeks. We do not do once-off bouquets and all of our subscriptions have a four bouquet minimum, meaning that all subscribers need to pay for and receive at least 4 bouquets before being able to cancel their subscription. Obviously we would hope that subscribers would enjoy our flowers so much that they would subscribe for a lot longer than 4 bouquets. 

This BouquetBox affiliate system is something we have been planning on setting up for a while but is not necessarily something that is here to stay and we reserve the right to cancel the program at any time. When you initially receive your discount code for entry to the program it will have an expiry date of one year from the day it is sent and extending it and continuing with your participation in the program will be decided by BouquetBox as that first year comes to a close. At any point we reserve the right to cancel your participation in the program and we will send an email to your email address to confirm if we do.

What we at BouquetBox expect of you as an influencer is to always be honest with any of your reviews and promotions, and to always use the applicable hashtags such as #ad #sp or most likely for our affiliate program #af. The last thing we at BouquetBox want is to get tied up in any situations where our integrity gets called into question, so please always do things by the book and avoid anything that could portray BouquetBox in a bad light. We would expect you to only ever use our flowers to promote our subscriptions and not to add any flowers from elsewhere or other suppliers to make our bouquets seem larger than usual. When promoting our product you are acting as a representative of BouquetBox and we would expect you to act accordingly.

We do not have a huge amount of rules to receive a payment from a signup but we have to insist that influencers can only ever receive one payment from any household/person signing up even if they use your code to sign up to multiple subscriptions. Also for obvious reasons we will not be able to divulge any personal details of the subscribers who have signed up with your discount code. Finally we would ask that you keep any agreements between BouquetBox and yourself confidential.