Frequently Asked Questions

I’m afraid not, here at BouquetBox all of the bouquets we send out are through subscription.

We have a 4 bouquet minimum per subscription so anytime after your fourth bouquet, just let us know at least 6 days before your next bouquet is due so we haven’t ordered your flowers yet.

Just send us an email at [email protected] at least 6 days before your next bouquet is due, and as long as you have reached the 4 bouquet minimum we can cancel your subscription for you no problem.

I’m afraid we don’t have a pay up-front option the way our payments work is we take payment for the first box immediately on sign-up, and then for each subsequent box we take payment 2 days before delivery is due. If you’d like you can let us know in the delivery notes section on the sign-up page how many bouquets you would like to receive in total and we could then set it to automatically cancel once that number has been reached.

Yes absolutely that is possible, you can let us know in the “delivery notes” section on the sign-up page what date you would like to receive your first bouquet and we can get it set up for you. As a reference our delivery days are Tuesday-Thursday.

Yes this is perfectly normal, because our flowers are so fresh you will more than likely receive them still in bud. This way you can enjoy the flowers for longer as the opening process happens in your own home. We also send some of our roses with the outer petals still attached (so as to act as a form of protection during transit), when your flowers arrive you can gently pluck these petals so you can fully enjoy your stunning bouquet!

Not a problem we can push your next delivery back for you, just drop us an email at [email protected] and let us know what date you would like your next bouquet. Again we would just ask that you give us at least 6 days notice so that we have not yet ordered your flowers.

Yes of course, when signing up you can specify in delivery preferences what you want us to do if nobody is home. This could include specific instructions such as: leave behind the blue pot to the right of the front door, leave with the neighbours in number 7 etc.

Unfortunately this is not an option BouquetBox offers right now. In order for us to be able to offer bouquets delivered at such competitive prices, we do not hold any extra stock in hand. We order exactly what is required to fulfil that week’s orders. This allows us to effectively eliminate wastage and reduce overhead costs, which results in savings for the customer!

When you first sign up, payment will be taken immediately for your first delivery, then for subsequent deliveries we take payment at 8am two days before the next delivery is due.

Absolutely. Send us an email at [email protected] and we will look after it for you!

No, it’s all included in the price, no hidden charges!

No this is very unusual but can happen from time to time. Our delivery company has an excellent success rate with deliveries but they can never be perfect. Right now our success rate of chosen day deliveries is at about 96%. While this is an excellent score it still means that 4% of our packages get delivered a day late.

Yes absolutely, it is no problem having two or more subscriptions on the same account. Simply sign in to your account as usual, and then click the “sign-up” button up the top like you would signing up for the first time. It will then bring you to the sign-up page which will have most of your information pre-populated, you would just need to change the shipping address, shipping contact name, personal note etc.

You can update your card details easily in the “my account” section. Just click on the “subscriptions” tab on the left, then on the right hand side there should be an option to update your payment method.

BouquetBox delivers to the entire Republic of Ireland.

We deliver Tuesday to Thursday. Unfortunately due to the volume of orders right now we cannot specify exact delivery times.

No problem, you can simply go to “My Account” and change your delivery frequency by clicking the “Upgrade” button.

Unfortunately not, our cut-off is two days before a delivery is due, anything after that and the first bouquet will arrive the week after.

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