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Upgrade Your Subscription

Upgrade to a bouquet subscription of you choice and we will deliver fresh flowers to you every week, second week or monthly, on the day of your choosing.  Or sign up for an extra weekly bouquet subscription and we will deliver an additional lovely bouquet! Your bouquet will be freshly cut 4 days previously, and we guarantee if you follow our instructions, you will get at least 7 days of joy from your bunch. Remember that only 4 days previous your flowers were growing in soil, some large grocery stores sell flowers 10 days out of the ground. The reason we can offer such fresh flowers to you for only €24 is because we buy only what we need, and so by cutting down on wastage, we pass those savings on to you.

If you ever have any problem with your order call, email or chat us and we will make it right. Remember you can pause or cancel anytime.

From: 26.00

26.00 / week
27.00 every 2 weeks
28.00 every 4 weeks