Weekly Flower Subscriptions from Bouquet Box

Like a veg box but for beautiful fresh flowers, Bouquet Box based in Dublin  provides regular deliveries of fresh, seasonal flowers straight to your doorstep, anywhere across Ireland. Hand selected and carefully packed by our florists, our gorgeously scented flowers will arrive in perfect condition, ready to be placed in water.

For all you fresh flower lovers,  a  Bouquet Box of seasonal flowers can be delivered every week, fortnight or month. We commit to selecting the very best of the season’s flowers for you to enjoy.

It would be a little repetitive to receive the same type of bouquet of flowers so to keep things interesting, your flowers will change at each delivery, depending on what flowers are looking good at that time of year.

We work with the seasons so as such, availability of certain flowers varies. Photos are therefore for guidance only and may not accurately reflect the colors/flowers supplied in your order. Some of our flowers (the delicate ones that bloom very quickly) are picked when still in a tight bud, this means that they arrive in great condition and last longer once they reach you.

Our mission is to bring zen-like joy to homes across Ireland by delivering gloriously fresh flowers in stunning combinations. Flower lovers know that flowers are good for the soul. So why not signup today and see for yourself!

When Your Bouquet Box Flowers Arrive

  • Choose a vase that compliments the type of flowers you have, tall, short, small, large. If you don’t have a large vase collection, play around with a variety of vessels (jars, pitchers etc).
  • If cutting the stems to suit your selected vase, cut the stems on an angle to help them drink better, this will help the flowers last longer.

To Make Your Flowers Last Longer

  • Flowers lasts longer if cold, so avoid having them in a hot spot in full sun.
  • Once some stems start to eventually fade,  remove them from the vase, otherwise they will cause the healthy ones to fade quickly too.

More about our Subscription Flower Deliveries

You don’t have to be in when we deliver your Bouquet Box. Just tell us where to leave your box and go about your day. We deliver flowers all over Ireland. We don’t do flowers by post but we’ll leave your hand delivered flowers in a safe place.

You can have flowers delivered weekly, fortnightly or monthly.

Whilst you’re ordering flowers online, there’s no delivery fee. Each flower box starts from just €22 per Bouquet Box.  You’re not tied into a flower subscription for a set amount of deliveries. If you need to skip an order – it just takes a few clicks.

Each week we choose fantastic quality flowers that look great and last ages. We  love combinations of beautiful flowers and foliage. Each arrangement is designed to look glorious in a home setting. We do the hard work of choosing the arrangement, all you have to do is open the Bouquet Box!

Got any questions? Get in touch. We are always so happy to help.

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