Brighten Your Space With Fresh-Cut Flowers

Fresh-cut flowers can brighten up any space in your home’s interior and make it come alive. The bright colours of the flowers add colour to your space and the different styles of the vases can change the look of a room from relaxed to sophisticated. And the best part is, even if you don’t have a garden of your own, you still can get access to weekly fresh flowers via Bouquet Box flower subscription delivery service. 

Experiencing nature and all it has to offer is a surefire way to enjoy positive vibrations, mindfulness and an uplifted mood. Eco-therapy (being in nature) has even garnered the attention of the scientific community as many studies find it fights depression, and improves mental health and wellbeing.

Why not bring nature indoors and attract positive energy to your home? One way to do this is to fill your living space with beautiful fragrant fresh flowers – their bright colours and fragrance are sure to make for a welcoming space.

Our handy weekly, bi weekly or monthly flower subscriptions are a convenient and affordable way to always have fresh flowers in your home.

Simply choose how many flower deliveries you would like and we’ll send a gorgeous seasonal bouquet every time.

There’s no doubt that our environment has a direct effect on our mood and emotions. Flowers, with their unforgettable fragrance and vibrant colours, can dramatically change our disposition and uplift our spirits.

Flowers offer bursts of colour, which can change the atmosphere of any room, offering a simple way to update and freshen your interior.

Sometimes the smallest things in life are those that make us the happiest. Flowers are a great addition to the home. Asides from adding a splash of colour to the home, flowers boast an abundance of other benefits. As we have learned here at Bouquet Box, one of these includes triggering positive emotions, supporting our belief that flowers in fact induces happiness.

We deliver across Ireland from only €22 per bouquet. Sign up for your subscription flowers today