What does the Peony Flower mean?

It’s Peony season!!! Here at Bouquet Box, we are so happy to have our first Peony bunch of the week! Aren’t they just gorgeous!! These beautiful flowers perfectly compliment our subscription flower bouquets.

Read on to learn more about the fabulous Peony flower….

What Does the Peony Flower Mean?

The Peony is mainly known for representing ideas and values like:

  • Honour, especially for people who are bringing honour to their entire family through success
  • Wealth and riches
  • Romance and romantic love, with a particular focus on love between two strangers
  • Beauty in all forms
 Symbolism of the Peony Flower

The Peony is most important in Chinese culture. This stunning flower is an official emblem of China, and it plays a big role in many holidays and religious traditions. It’s the flower with the longest continual use in Eastern culture, and it’s tied in deeply with royalty and honour in those societies. The Chinese name for Peony even translates to “most beautiful”.

Peony Flower Facts

As an enduring symbol of honour and wealth in Eastern culture, it’s no wonder this flower has been cultivated and bred in China and Japan for hundreds of years. The plant is mainly grown by separating root masses and only sometimes by seed, so breeding can take years to advance even a few generations. Some types of Peony grow into taller trees with thick stems, while others stay short and in a shrub form. They all produce compact flowers featuring many layers of crimped petals for a beautifully lush look.

Peony Flower Colour Meanings

Peonies come in a wide range of colours, and the meaning the flower symbolises changes relatively little due to the shade or hue. However, there are a few colours that change what the Peony means, including:

  • Pink: The most romantic form of Peony, making it the ideal colour for wedding bouquets and table arrangements
  • White or Very Pale Pink: Focusing on the bashful aspect of the Peony’s meaning, making it a good choice for communicating your regret over embarrassing yourself or someone else.
  • Deep Red: This colour is most prized in China and Japan, and has the strongest ties to honour and respect. It’s also the most symbolic of wealth and prosperity in those cultures.

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