Why you NEED fresh flowers in your home

Don’t you love the warm and fuzzy feelings you get when a loved one surprises you with a bouquet of flowers? Beyond being beautiful and fragrant, flowers deliver a health-promoting array of benefits. Our experts at BouquetBox.ie share five reasons why you need fresh flowers in your home or office year-round.

Benefits of fresh flowers

1. Bouquets can boost your mood

Bright, fresh cut flowers instantly improve your mood. People with fresh flowers in their homes are most likely to feel less worried and feel fewer periods of anxiety or depression.

2. Flowers double as inspiring decor

Flowers can easily take the place of boring everyday table décor. Coordinate bouquet colors with your space, or place a bright bouquet on a shabby old table to draw the eye and lend to a fresh new look that makes you feel good about your living space. They also make it easy to decorate for each season.

3. Fresh flowers refresh memories

Smell is one of the most powerful senses and can trigger instant memories. A rose’s robust smell can fill a room with just one flower. Bouquets of fresh flowers can bring back fond memories of growing up in the country, taking a final bow on stage, or even those used on your wedding day.

4. Flowers fosters creativity

Fresh flowers have been shown to stimulate creativity while promoting concentration. Adding flowers and fresh plants to your child’s bedroom or play area will brighten the space as well as their growing imagination, while also encouraging responsibility. Put a vase at your desk because they can also spark your creativity while you’re at work.

5. Bouquets are welcoming

Flowers bring positive emotional feelings to those who enter a room. Place flowers in places visitors see, such as the foyer, living room and dining room. Flowers make the space more welcoming and create a sharing atmosphere. And just think, every time you walk into or through your home, they will make you feel welcome and “at home”, too.

At Bouquet Box based in Dublin, we offer flower subscription services to individuals who wish to receive flowers on a regular basis. Whether you go with a weekly flower delivery or monthly subscription flowers, you’ll love seeing beautiful blooms brighten your home or office that will make people smile.

What’s great about our flower delivery subscription service is it can add beauty and luxury to any environment — homes, offices, hotels, boutique shops, restaurants and more.  Make a confident statement by adding our floral designs to your home or work space.

There are many benefits that come from subscribing to our weekly flower delivery service, from cost savings to premium flowers. Our subscriptions have no contracts, so you can join or cancel any time.

Proudly serving every county in Ireland, Bouquet Box based in Dublin, creates exquisite custom floral arrangements from blooms that are selected stem by stem with the utmost in care.

We strive to create and develop happy relationships with all our clients – each and everyone of our clients can trust us for our floral subscription bouquets  and enjoy the finest arrangements designed by the most talented floral subscription professionals in Ireland.

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